Use Cases

Maintenance Read Update


See service requests filed by residents in their portal and update the service request when a maintenance pro has been assigned.

Relevant Business Types

Resident benefits, maintenance-as-a-service, resident amenities, facilities management


If your company fulfills service requests filed by residents or site staff within a property management system, you will need to ingest these service requests on an ongoing basis and then update them as you resolve the issues.


Read an existing service request

Update service request

PUT /<service_request_id>
$curl --request PUT \
>--url '<service_request_id>' \
>--data '{
>"service_request_category_id": "a06c0231-3977-4114-b52c-b81b234c2831",
>"service_request_vendor_id": "6f431e3a-f5f5-4950-8a4d-517c46f1f229",
>"service_description": "There is a leak in the kitchen.",
>"phone_1": "123-123-1234",
>"email_1": "",
>"scheduled_start_date": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
>"due_date": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z"

Any employees, vendors, and/or residents associated with the service request will be able to see these updates within the property management system if they have access to the specific fields that were updated.

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