Use Cases

Charge to Ledger


Insert charge into resident payment ledger.

Relevant Business Types

Resident benefits & amenities, rent payments, security deposit alternatives, services that charge resident a fee.


Your business may find it valuable to add charges directly to a resident’s payment ledger. This allows residents to pay for your service from within the property management software while you can collect fees from the property management company.


Proptech generates a charge with associated metadata

Example transaction for $50.00
$curl --request POST \
> --url \
> --data '{
> "integration_id": "<integration_id>",
> "transaction_date": "2023-07-15",
> "reference_number": "abc-789",
> "notes": "This is a charge for pet insurance",
> "amount_in_cents": 650000

That charge is pushed into the resident payment ledger, and will be collected by the property manager via their payment portal