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Propexo is the easiest way to integrate in Proptech

Welcome to the Propexo documentation! Here you’ll find information to get started as well as our API Reference.


Our unified API lets you quickly & easily integrate with the leading property management systems. Save time, ship faster, & unblock revenue.

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Why Propexo

  1. Speed: Integrate in weeks, not months. We offer a modern, well-documented API.
  2. Low maintenance: Eliminate integration maintenance. We take on the pain of broken integrations caused by changes in the property management systems.
  3. One integration: A single integration for all of the property management systems (PMS). And we’re constantly adding new PMS to our platform.

Key Concepts

  • Unified API: A single programming interface for you to sync data from any property management system!
  • Common Data Model: A data model that has been standardized across multiple property management systems. You’ll receive and update your Common Model data through our Unified API.

Common Data Model

More Documentation

Propexo offers two sets of API documentation. Our public resources are available to anyone, while our private resources are only available to customers. Our private API docs include an additional list of endpoints specific to each property management system with details about which fields are available in request and response payloads. While you can effectively use the generic endpoints to execute your business use case, it will be vital to understand the details of each PMS-specific payload in order to implement your solution against the Propexo API. The private API docs are available to customers in the Propexo Dashboard.

Need help?

We have two channels to assist:

  1. Schedule a call with us where you can get help from sales and, if needed, our support engineers.

  2. Email us at and we’ll do our best to reply within 48 hours.