Getting Started

Using Demo Data


Sometimes Propexo customers are waiting for approval from their PMS provider, but still want to get started with development against the Propexo API. In that case, we offer a sample Buildium integration to get you started. This integration is not meant to be used in production, but rather as a way to get started with the Propexo API.

The following is a step-by-step guide to adding your first Property Management System (PMS) integration to your Propexo account. To complete this guide, you will need to have a Propexo account and your own PMS credentials for one of our supported integrations. If you do not have a Propexo account, please contact our Sales team.

Propexo Sample Integration

Steps (screen recording above)

1. Navigate to the “Get Started” page

Log in to your Propexo account and navigate to the Get Started Page.

2. Select “Propexo Demo Data”

Under “Pick a Property Management Software”, select “Propexo Demo Data”. In the popup that appears, click “Submit”.

3. See the sample integration in action

Navigate to the Integrations Page and select Buildium. On the “Sandbox Customers” tab you will see a customer called “Propexo Sandbox”. Click into that integration and watch as the data access checks kick off and jobs run. Be sure to reference the Your First Integration section of the Getting Started Guide for more information on what is happening behind the scenes and what timelines to expect.